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My husband and I used Robert Benites Photography for our engagement photos, bridal portraits, our wedding day, and now, our gender reveal and maternity photos. Robert and Mari are both amazing people and they make an awesome team! My husband and I feel like we not only left our wedding with amazing photos but also gained 2 lifelong friends. My husband and I are both very particular in our likes. We felt the photographer was the most crucial part of our wedding because they would be capturing our first steps in our journey together. We looked at their website and became instantly drawn to their unique and artistic style of photography. There were other photographers that we were considering, but none that we felt that instant connection to, and this feeling was only heightened once we met them. Robert and Mari are the type of people that are very professional but very personable. They made us go from the awkward stage of kissing in front of the camera to joking around about “glowsticks.” (Ask Mari) What we LOVED most about Robert & Mari was that they constantly had us laughing and took amazing shots of those moments. They exhibited a great amount of passion for their job and it was clear to see the amount of love they have for one another. This wonderful interaction drew out our personalities as well & helped us to “loosen up.” As a bride, you are going through so many steps to have your perfect wedding and of course, this can cause anxiety. Robert & Mari relieved us of our anxiety, made us feel at peace. The one thing that stood out to us that we absolutely loved was that they go above and beyond to ensure that your photos will come out the way you’ve always dreamed them to be, such as visiting the sites prior to the event, and even laying on the floor to get the perfect angle. We NEVER had to worry about whether they would be there on time, be at the right place, or whether or not their photos would match our creativity. What I loved most about this company was the vast selection of photo arrangements at a competitive price. This company is continuing to grow and expand their selections, which is very important for when it’s time to choose your photos. Our final photos were breathtaking, from our engagements to the wedding day! Words can hardly describe the joy I felt when we viewed the final product. I can only imagine how my maternity photos will turn out!


As a bride you research, call, email, and follow up on all vendors you could possibly be looking at for your special day with your future husband. It is stressful, tedious, and emotionally draining because your wedding day commands the utmost attention to detail, time management, family, passion, and charisma. This day is blending two personalities for just the right amount of that special something…..the spark…to make it all worth while. I am ecstatic to say that Robert Benites Photography checks all of the boxes. Not only are Mari and Anthony wonderful people to work with in every way but their efforts are captured in their timeless and flawless photos. Our wedding happened in July in the unforgiving Texas heat but that didn’t stop our dynamic duo from getting down and dirty for all of our country/classy photos. They knew where we should stand, where the best light would be, were organized, and most importantly reminded us over and over again that it was our special day, we were the main event, and to have so much FUN!!!!! I absolutely love how our photos turned out. We were in front of breathtaking trees, a quaint fountain, and then in a field of gorgeous wildflowers. Best of all though was when they found a beautifully crafted Texas star in a barn away from our venue…we went looking for something unique for our photos and we found it! They weren’t afraid to lay in bug filled fields, or use special filters for our sunset photos. These two are fearless! My husband, family , friends, and I have been raving about my photos since the day we first saw them. Believe me ladies and gentlemen, you won’t go wrong hiring my friends Anthony and Mari.


We had a great experience with Robert Benites Photography! Robert and his wife, Marisa, were very accommodating throughout this process and we could not be more grateful. We live about 80 miles outside of San Antonio, but with communication we were able to get everything we needed in a timely manner. Thanks so much for all you did for us and the wonderful memories you captured of our special day.


GREAT time shooting some AWESOME pics. Very flexible on schedule and thinks outside the box. Highly recommend.


Robert Benites Photography captured the moments perfectly! Anthony was patient, accommodating, and professional, and he has the ability to make an individual feel so comfortable in front of the camera! I’m absolutely thrilled to see our pictures!!! They are breathtaking and I can’t believe that those people in the picture are us!!!! I’m so glad I chose Robert Benites Photography!!!! Now, I have pictures I can treasure forever.


Robert’s skill at photography is clearly a natural one because he made us feel like we were not even being photographed, and it allowed for his pictures to honestly portray the essence of the scene. He was very easy to work with, and we had a lot of fun. I’m so thankful we could experience this the way it was meant to be along with the beautiful pictures we will have to remember this day by forever. Thanks Robert!

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