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When you choose, Robert Benites Photography,  you aren’t just choosing photographers; you’re choosing a couple to share in your entire wedding experience. We want to know more about you as well as your vision and ideas that you have for your big day. It’s the little things that make every couple unique: your love story, hobbies, and interaction are the details we like to know to help us give you the best photographs possible. By learning what makes each couple special, it allows us capture those moments that cannot be planned. This is why we offer a complimentary engagement session with all of our packages. During this time we like to have fun, see how our couples interact on and off camera, and build a relationship that lasts.

Our engagement photography sessions allow us to interact with our bride and groom and to become familiar with one another. We believe you shouldn’t meet your photographer for the first time on the day of your wedding. The Engagement session allows us to work out any nerves or awkwardness so that when we photograph your wedding day it will feel like second nature being in front of a camera. This also gives us valuable time to get to know you and for you to ask us any questions that you might have.

Ready to step in front of our lens? We’re excited to meet you! Contact us today so we can schedule a time to grab some coffee and learn what makes you unique!

Learning a couple’s history is one of our favorite parts of the wedding process. By learning the little things about you it enhances our ability to take better pictures of you. Knowing that you both find Talladega Nights hilarious seems pointless; however, when we’re shooting we can use this to get you smiling. Whether it’s a quote off or acting out a scene, even the shyest people come out of their shell when things feel natural. The end result are photos that capture the things that made your fiancé fall in love with you: the way your nose wrinkles when you laugh, the dimples that pop up when you smile, or how your eyes light up when you look at him. The best photographs are captured when you are relaxed and just being yourself!

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